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Monday World Pro Poker Night



Thank you to our loyal Poker players for another great year.  The last game for the year will be on Monday 19 December 2016, and it will begin again on Monday 9 January 2017.  Have a fantastic break!

Where: Members Room
When: 6.30pm Registration, 7.30pm cards down.
Who: Open to any player.

What: Poker has always been running at Casa D’Abruzzo on a Monday night. World Pro Poker has cemented their residency at our club and these guys have been really good. The game has reached a new level at our club as we have been receiving record numbers in excess of 70 coming down on Monday nights..

Our poker menus as well as having our bistro open, provide the players with options on what to eat or drink in order to get their desired chip ups. .

Prizes to be won range from $20, $30 to the grand prize of $400.


FREE BINGO on Wednesday


Where: Members Room
When: Wednesday from 10am to 12pm
Who: Any person wishing to have a game of bingo. The more, the better.

What: Bingo is a popular game at Casa D’Abruzzo Club as well as at any venue in Melbourne. Our morning bingo attracts nearly 100 people in our members room, the ladies and the men, quite enjoy the luxuries of playing bingo and enjoying a morning in our club.

$5 vouchers are always won throughout the game as well as the 5-week $200 jackpot.
Participants can get bingo vouchers by purchasing food and/or drinks at the bar. See our bingo menu at the bar for a breakdown of the value for money.







Members Night



Where: Near the Cafe
When: First Wednesday of every month
Time: 7.30pm start
Who: Anyone member of the club, Community or Foundation.

What: Members Night has been running for the best part of a year now, and it has been a huge hit in the cafe area. Many members get down to these nights as they only happen once a month.

A member gains entry into the members night by using their members card. Only one card can be issued per person per day, however on the night of the members night, every time you use your card, we will give you a ticket in return.

Get together with your friends, come down and enjoy this fun night.




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