At Casa D’Abruzzo Club we love sport! Especially Bocce… Our courts are carefully maintained to keep their pristine condition and we are proud to be able to provide these beautiful courts to our members.

A loved sport in Italybocce was assisted in its global exposure by Italian immigrants who traveled the world…. Typically, a small ball (called a pallino or boccino) is rolled into a court, which varies in size depending on the location, and two teams roll their own bocce balls at the pallino.

 The closer ball gets the point. Although players typically roll their balls, they can also toss them underhand in order to knock opponents’ balls farther away from the pallino to steal the point. The player can also aim at the pallino, moving this ball closer to the player’s own balls to steal the point as well. Due to the flexibility of the rules, the number of balls used by the teams and the points needed to win may vary, but the amount of fun that the game brings to the players is consistent and it can be enjoyed by anyone.

Casa D’Abruzzo Club is proud to hold the following tournaments annually: Basilica Cup, Epping Cup, Abbey Funerals Cup, Cifaldi Cup and our biggest event Asia Oceania Mens & Womens Bocce Championship for International Worlds and Juniors. This is a three day event and we are so excited to be holding this event yet again in May 2019.

For any Bocce inquiries please contact Romeo Marino (Bocce President) on 0414 323 648.